Aviation energy solutions

Aviation needs its own solution for fuels. Solutions found for the automotive industry cannot be applied to aviation. A different approach is required. Using biofuel has a huge positive impact on our environment, even when blended with tradition fuel.

When biofuel (SAF) is blended with traditional fossil fuel the exhaust of jet engines will produce less CO2 and particulate matter, which is a growing concern for local air quality.

This chapter discusses the impact bio jet fuel has on the industry, and how to obtain the fuel.

The impact of alternative jet fuels on aircraft operations performance

There are only minimal effects on the use of bio jet fuel on the performance of aircraft. Effects can be slightly positive or negative, but overall operability and safety are maintained.

An example of the use of lower density fuels is that it can improve fuel burn, but adversely affect an aircraft’s maximum payload-range.

Which techniques are available for producing biofuel?

There are several techniques that have been developed to produce biofuel. The most well-known techniques are listed in the graphs.

  • Aviation energy solutions
  • Aviation energy solutions
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