Answers for aviation industry

In the very near future environmental goals need to be met. Governments and consumers demand a cleaner world. This also means that the aviation industry needs to find answers in order to keep moving forward into the future. Since aviation is viewed as one of the most polluting forms of transportation, especially the CO2 footprint caused by aircraft exhaust for jet fuel needs to be targeted.

CIBA is developing an energy friendly process to produce sustainable aviation jet fuel. Our method will create a fuel that is CO2 neutral and will benefit both the aviation industry in meeting environmental demands and the need for a green planet.

Unlike other transport sectors, civil aviation has no other energy alternative, such as solar power or electricity, and will have to use liquid fuels for the foreseeable future.

Aviation Energy Solutions

Aviation needs its own solution for fuels. Solutions found for the automotive industry cannot be applied to aviation. A different approach is required.

Conversion methods

There are two major routes to convert lignocellulose into biofuels and bio-products: thermochemical and biochemical conversions.

Certification of Bio Jet Fuel

CIBA is working on the further development of the conversion technology IFT (Integrated Fermentation Technology), using Miscanthus x Giganteus as feedstock.

CIBA will start SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) production with the approved conversion technology IFT in a relatively small and smart plant.

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